About the Lodge

Welcome To Green Hills Lodge in Karatu

Green Hills lodge is uniquely situated within a thickly forested area, one and a half kilometers from Karatu town center and 10 Kilometers to Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority’s main Gate and also lies twenty meters along the main road.

The variety of the natural trees within this lodge makes the place very unique as a habitual center for co-existence of both the birds and the guests.

The serene environment of the lodge coupled with natural vegetation makes the lodge the idealistic refuge and visiting area for a variety of bird species and small animals like dik-dik, squirrels etc. We nurture the nature through conservation and maintenance of the environment by adhering to the nature rules for conducive habitation.

The lodge boasts of big and spacious BUNGALOWS nestled within the tree, shrubs and flower gardens equipped with all sorts of comfort amenities for a relaxed body and mind.